Our bundles are 100% Virgin (no chemical processing) Grade 12A

-How many bundles should I purchase?

*We recommend purchasing 3 bundles or more for a full sew-in weave. For lengths 30”-34” we recommend purchasing 4 or more bundles for fullness

-Can I dye/bleach the bundles?

*Yes, our natural colored bundles can be bleached and dyed. 613 bundles are best for bright colors and it’ll eliminate the bleaching process since they are already blonde.

-Does the hair shed?

*Yes. There will be minimal shedding which is normal, proper maintenance is very important

-How long does the hair last?

*Our hair can last 1 year+ with proper care

-I live in Los Angeles, can I pick up my hair order?

*All orders placed online must be shipped. Local pickup is only available for personal orders placed via instagram DM (@thesunflowercollection_) or text message (424)529-9811.
Pickup times: Monday-Friday 6pm-9pm
Saturday & Sunday 10:30am-8:30pm

-Do you deliver personal orders?

*Yes, with a delivery fee.

$10 delivery fee for 10mi radius
$15 delivery fee for anything over 10mi
Delivery times: Monday-Friday 6:30pm-9pm
Saturday & Sunday 10:30am-8:30pm

*Personal orders are not placed unless payment is sent in FULL
Please provide full name, address, phone number/email for receipt purposes
Payments can be sent via Zelle, Apple Pay.
Cashapp, or in-person (Cash)
3-5 day processing time from the day your order is placed *Sundays not included*

-Tips for hair care?

*Co-washing is highly recommended. Do not blow dry your extensions, let them air dry. When shampooing/conditioning, do not scrunch extensions while lathering, gently massage the shampoo/conditioner through your extensions and brush through with a detangling brush. Be sure to thoroughly rinse shampoo/conditioner out of your extensions. When brushing while dry or wet, start from the bottom and work your way up to the weft.